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August 24, 2009

Last “Play Day”

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Okay…so September 2nd will be the last  “Play Day” at my place.  I will no longer be able to host them as I will be moving.  There will be a place for future meetings and I will post more info on that as the details become available.  I am working on a couple field trips for September, and that is why there will be no more “Play Days” after the 2nd.  There is a request to go cheese shopping, and I really want to get back to Venice and Murano for some bead shopping.  Also, a trip to Florence is a MUST.  Tentatively planning these trips for Wednesdays, unless that day doesn’t work for anyone.  Please let me know if another day is preferable.  So, please pass the info along about the time and place for the 2nd…and hope to see you there.

August 20, 2009

September “Play Day”

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September 2nd….same time, same place.  More details will come!

Two weeks and Links

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Two weeks…that is when we will meet next.  “Play Day” will be on Sept. 2nd at the same time and same place!  More details will be posted later, so keep checking.  Links…yes links…I have created a page of links for the site.  Click here to see.  If you have any suggestions or see something that is missing, send an email or post a comment.

August 17, 2009

Last Summer-time “Play Day”

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Okay…Wednesday marks our last summertime “Play Day”, and I hope everyone will be able to make it.  If not…no worries…September will be full of lots of “Play Days” and field trips!   Please share your ideas for field trips by commenting to this post.  We will discuss them at the next meeting.

If you are interested, I will be showing some people how to make a paperbag book Wednesday. 


my paperbag book collection


using different size and color bags for your book makes them interesting


cover view of paperbag books

The supplies:

  • 10 or 12 paperbags…lunch size sacks or smaller…you will need an even number of bags
  • cover paper…size will vary according to your paper bags
  • glue or adhesive runner
  • waxed linen thread, twine, ribbon, or cord for binding
  • bookboard or mattboard…cut to size of book…optional
  • scissors
  • papercutter
  • various pieces of cardstock…for embellishing pages & pockets
  • embellishments…brads, stickers, stamps, ribbon, buttons, etc.
  • awl
  • 2 large eye needles

If you don’t have everything on the list I can provide them for you.  I charge $2 if you bring your own cover paper, cardstock, and bags.  If I provide these to you as well it will be $5.  Please pass on the info for the meeting to anyone who might be interested….and bring a friend!


cardstock inserts with tab embelishments


cardstock inserts with tab and stamped embellishments

There are many ways to make the mini book.  If you choose, you can omit the mattboard and create a soft cover book.  You will need a larger piece of heavier cardstock to create the soft cover.  Don’t forget the embellishments.  Adding to the cover and creating pull out pages really makes the book more interesting.  And stamping can add an additional element that makes your book POP!

August 6, 2009

Another great “Play Day”

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Well, today was a great day to play inside!  We worked on the star book today, and it was a HUGE success.  Everyone who made one was able to take home a finished book…they all turned out awesome!  I finally finished mine.  I didn’t have enough adhesive runners to go around so while waiting I was thinking of some interesting ways to bind the star points together and was given a great idea by “A”….a blanket stitch.  So, I have been working on it all evening and I finally finished…. Ta Da….


Sunbook 1


Sunbook 2


Sunbook stitch detail

Thanks to “A” for the blanket stitch idea…it totally made the book perfect.  The next “Play Day” is set for the 19th…we will have to come up with a great project to work on.  Register at the message board and upload the pics of your book to share…

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